Mountain Cycling

We would like to invite you to the land of thousands of kilometers of dedicated, picturesque bicycle routes on both the Polish and Czech sides of Sudetes Mountains and Lower Silesia. Please check our exceptional bike trips listed below. Our website contains full trip prices. For groups of minimum of 5 people we make individual calculations. If you need further information please email us or go to Private Groups section.

Nature & Heritage Bike Trip
Price from: € 680 Excl. flights
Countries visited: Poland
Grade: Moderate/though
Activities: Cycling/sightseeing
Type: Point to point

The five-day cycling trip, point to point type. The combination of mountain and lowland biking, routes mixed: on and off road. Driving in the high and low parts of the mountains, travel through scenic parks, nature reserves. On route, visit magnificent monuments of architecture.

Across Sudetenland and Jelenia Góra Valley
Price from: € 590 Excl. flights
Countries visited: Poland/Czech Republic
Grade: Moderate/challenging
Activities: Cycling/sightseeing
Type: Centre based/ point to point

The four-day, point to point/centre based cycling tripe . Rides in the higher and lower parts of the mountains and through landscape park.

Centre based mountain cycling in Sudetes Mountains
Price from: € 620 Excl. flights
Countries visited: Poland/Czech Republic/Germany
Grade: Moderate
Activities: Cycling/walking/sightseeing/leisure
Type: Centre based

8 days, centre based type, mainly mountain cycling and hiking. Trips into higher and lower parts of the mountains in Poland and in the Czech Republic