The five-day cycling trip, point to point type. The combination of mountain and lowland biking, routes mixed: on and off road. Driving in the high and low parts of the mountains, travel through scenic parks, nature reserves. On route, visit magnificent monuments of architecture.

  • Nature & Heritage Cycling Route
  • Nature & Heritage Cycling Route
  • Nature & Heritage Cycling Route
  • Nature & Heritage Cycling Route
  • Nature & Heritage Cycling Route
  • Nature & Heritage Cycling Route
  • Nature & Heritage Cycling Route
  • Nature & Heritage Cycling Route
  • Nature & Heritage Cycling Route
  • Nature & Heritage Cycling Route
  • Nature & Heritage Cycling Route

When we planned the route of this event, we wanted to ensure that participants would be able to see and experience all what’s best and most interesting in our region, in terms of both tourism and sport. That’s why the route leads through thick mountain forests, picturesque plateaus, bogs, landscape parks and nature reserves, including one inscribed on the list of Living Lakes. We travel in both higher parts of the mountains, at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level, and in the lower parts of the mountains.

Besides admiring the beautiful nature of Lower Silesia, participants will also have an opportunity to see unique architectural monuments, such as the world’s largest Cistercian abbey in Lubiąz, which is a world-class masterpiece of Baroque art, or the Church of Peace in Jawor, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The route is also very interesting in terms of sports as it combines elements of mountain and lowland biking, both on roads and in the fields. We are convinced that the expedition will provide the best possible experience to cycling lovers.

Day 1
Arrival at Wroclaw, where our representative will greet you; transfer to the guesthouse located in a mountain village of Jakuszyce, on the Polish side of Sudeten Mountains; check-in; welcome and info meeting, free time. Transfer time around 2 hrs 30 min.

Day 2
Trip from Jakuszyce to Karpacz.
Total time: 5 – 6 hrs including meal breaks and rest.
Overall route length: 48 km.
Routes: international cycling route ER-2 – mixed land and tarmac roads with a majority of off-road sections.
After breakfast, we set off on the first stage of our 5-day cycling tour. The route of today’s trip follows mountainous tracks and goes through some of the most scenic areas of Jizera and Karkonosze Mountains – ranges of the Western Sudetes. We enter the international cycling route ER-2, and follow it to the end of today’s stage. On our way, we go through extremely beautiful meadows of the plateau, along the Jizera River. Then, after passing Hatka Górzystów mountain lodge, we enter a thick forest. After a few climbs and descents at altitudes ranging from 900 to 1020 meters, we cross some bogs, and descend to the mountain town of Szklarska Poreba. All the time following the trial, we ride through the town and enter a forest. On the way, we pass two picturesque mountain settlements, Przesieka and Borowice, and finally get to Karpacz. In the town, we make a short stop to see the Wang temple, a twelfth-century Lutheran temple built in Norway. The temple was dismantled and moved to Berlin before finally finding its place in our mountains in 1842. After a break, we ride for about 10 minutes until we reach Greno hotel. We check in, have dinner, and a briefing regarding the next stage of our trip.

Day 3
Trip from Karpacz to Jawor
Total time: 6 – 7 hrs including meal breaks and rest.
Overall route length: 65 km.
Routes: marked cycling routes 120/117/ER-6/117/31/30 – mostly tarmac roads, some land road sections.
Ahead of us the second stage of our cycling expedition, which is a combination of mountain and lowland biking. From Karpacz, we descend to the foot of the Sudetes, and follow signposts to the Rudawski Landscape Park, which is an extremely picturesque land with great views, especially in autumn. There are also many beautiful palaces and mansions open to visitors there, and two of them are on our route – the Wojanów Palace and the Łomnica Palace. Next, we enter the Chełmy Valley Landscape Park, where we can admire some unique nature reserves. After about 20 km, we get to the city of Jawor, and reach the end of the second stage. While in the town, we can visit the Church of Peace which was built in 1654. This evangelical temple is entirely made of wood, straw and clay, it has a unique baroque interior, and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We check in, have dinner, and a briefing regarding the next stage of our trip.

Day 4
Trip from Jawor to Scinawa
Total time: 6 – 7 hrs, including meal breaks and rest.
Overall route length: 72 km.
Route: marked cycling routes ER-4/17/9 – mostly tarmac roads, some land road sections.
The third stage of our journey is entirely lowland, but by no means any less interesting or picturesque than the previous ones. After about a 40-km ride, we reach the Cistercian monastery in Lubiąż, one of the greatest monuments of its kind in Europe, and the largest Cistercian abbey in the world. The origins of the abbey, which is referred to as the Silesian baroque masterpiece, date back to 1163. Next, we ride along the Oder River, which is the second largest river in Poland. We pass through some scenic areas of Jezierzyca Valley Landscape Park and reach the town of Ścinawa, the end of today’s stage. We check in, have dinner, and a briefing regarding the next stage of our trip.

Day 5
Trip from Scinawa to Milicz
Total time: 6 – 7 hrs including meal breaks and rest.
Overall route length: 70 km.
Route: marked cycling routes 9/34/8/12/13/1/5 – mostly tarmac roads, some land road sections
After breakfast, we leave Ścinawa and head northeast toward the town of Żmigród. Next, we get to the main attractions of today’s stage – Barycz Valley Landscape Park and Milicz Ponds Nature Reserve. We ride through some scenic forests for about 30 km, and pass by a complex of approximately 300 fish ponds, which are included on the Living Lakes list. The ponds were founded by Cistercian monks in the thirteenth century. Currently, not all of the ponds are used, and some of them are waterfowl and marsh birds reserves. The town of Milicz, which is situated in the middle of the Landscape Park and the Reserve, is the end of today’s stage. We check in, have dinner, and a briefing regarding the next stage.

Day 6
Trip from Milicz to Wroclaw
Total time: 6 – 7 hrs including meal breaks and rest.
Overall route length: 62 km.
Route: marked cycling routes 5/R9 – mostly tarmac roads, some land road sections.
Ahead of us the last stage of the expedition. After leaving the town of Milicz, we ride through the Landscape Park for over 15 km, and then head south to Wrocław. All the time we follow the R9 trail, which is a part of the international cycling route EuroVelo 9 Baltic – Adriatic. The EuroVelo 9 runs through Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia. We conclude our expedition in the center of the capital of Lower Silesia. After riding through the suburbs of the city for about 5 km, we get to the beautiful old town, which abounds with medieval and Renaissance architectural monuments. After checking in and dinner, we recommend taking a walk in the charming old town.

Day 7
Day off. Rest, walk around the city, shopping or an optional sightseeing program.

Day 8
We check out after breakfast and transfer to the airport. Transfer time: from 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the traffic.


Sudetes Mountains and Lower Silesia, Poland

Best time
June, July, August, September, October

8 days

5 day on- and off road bike rides. 2 day mountain biking and 3 day lowland biking.

Activity level
Moderate/though. Routes located at 60-1020 meters above sea level. First 2 days trips in mountainous area, many uphill and downhill. Next 3 days mostly on flat area. During all 5 days there will be a mixture of on- and off road. We can adjust the activity level according to the wishes/skills of the participants.

Twin/DBL rooms in 2/3 star hotel and guesthouses

HB (other board type on request)

Group size
6 – 20 people

In addition to the usual holiday clothing you must take wind and waterproof jacket and trousers, cyclist kit: helmet, cycling shoes, cycling- or sunglasses.

Price includes
Agenda included in itinerary. Transfers from and to the airport, luggage transport during bike trip, assistance of our representatives from arrival to departure, accommodation in Twin/DBL rooms in 2/3 star hotel and guesthouses, full board, mineral water and isotonic drinks during bike trip, entry fees, medical expenses and accident insurance, bikes provision, technical support during bike trip.

Price excludes
Flights, local tips, optional excursions/activities/meals/beverages.

Before you go

Before traveling, please read the information below to help you avoid unexpected incidents when traveling and staying. All information given below refers to the tourist travel to Poland and tourist stay on the territory of Poland.

Travel documents
Citizens from countries belonging to the Schengen group must have an ID or passport when travelling. Citizens from outside the Schengen group, and all other countries outside the EU, must have a passport.

Visa requirements
When traveling to  Poland, tourist  visa is not required for citizens of the following countries: countries belonging to the EU, Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Brunei, Chile, Croatia, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region of the PRC), Iceland, Israel, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Costa Rica, Liechtenstein, Macao (Special Administrative region PRC), Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco, Nicaragua, Norway, New Zealand, Panama, Paraguay, Salvador, San Marino, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Uruguay, USA, Vatican City, Venezuela.

Travel insurance
Each participant in an event organized by the Wanderer Agency is obligatorily insured against medical costs and the costs of accidents. The amount of the insurance is dependent on the nature of the program. There are slightly different rates for standard programs and for programs containing extreme sports. Insurance conditions are specified in the policy received by the client before the trip.

Travel safety
In terms of criminal offenses and theft, Poland is a  safe country – security level is similar to that of Western European countries. Therefore, no special security measures are recommended or required. As regards the security in terms of threats and natural disasters, we can say that Poland is a safe country.

No vaccinations are required or recommended for travelling to Poland. There is no real or potential threat of any diseases. The epidemiological situation and sanitation are similar to Western European countries. Tap water is drinkable but we still recommend drinking bottled water.

Clothing and equipment
In addition to the normal holiday outfit, you should bring clothes appropriate to the nature of the trip. Detailed information is given in each trip description in the Trip Info tab. You have to remember that in the mountains the weather can change suddenly and is often unpredictable. That means you always need to carry windproof and rainproof clothing, comfortable shoes with thick soles, a hat and sunglasses. In case of specialized programs, Wanderer Agency provides specialized equipment such as bikes or skis. However, you should bring personal equipment such as helmets or ski/horse riding boots. We recommend it for hygienic reasons. The equipment we provide for special programs is of high quality and meets the standards of hygiene and cleanliness but the best and safest solution is to have your own footwear or headgear.

Climate and weather
Poland has a temperate – warm climate but in the Sudetes and Carpathians there  is also mountain climate. However , like all over Europe,  the weather is becoming less predictable. Summer and early autumn are  warm and this is a best time to travel. In summer, temperatures can soar, sometimes reaching around 30 degrees centigrade, particularly in July. Winters can be cold and sometimes harsh (can reach even  20 degrees  centigrade below zero), so you need to wrap up well; the skiing season starts in late November and lasts until March. Note that in Mountains weather can change suddenly so be prepared.

Whilst in Poland, you will need to budget for spending money to pay for drinks, souvenirs and other incidental costs. Prices in Poland are generally lower than in Western Europe but in some hotels and restaurants they can be similar. Although is difficult to provide an exact figure for your daily expenditure, you should allow around EURO 20 a day. Here are some examples:
O,7l Heineken Beer at grocery: € 1,2
0,5l Carlsberg Beer in local pub: € 1,5
0,5l Polish Tyskie Beer at grocery: € 0,75
0,7l bottle of decent wine: € 4,5
1,5l bottle of mineral water: € 0,4
Loaf of bred: € 0,8

Big Mac: € 2,3
Lunch at decent restaurant: € 7-10 (soft drink or glass of wine/beer included)
Dinner at decent restaurant: € 10-12 (soft drink or glass of wine/beer included)

The currency in Poland is the Zloty (PLN). You can purchase these with the most common currencies such as: EURO, US, Canadian and Australian Dollars, UK Sterlings, Swiss Franc. Polish currency can be obtained in most towns and ATMs are common. Also many cash exchange points are available. There is no problem using your credit and debit cards in Poland, but Travellers Cheques can be difficult to cash at times.

In Poland the voltage is 220 volts; plugs are 2-pin and of the type found in most European countries.

Local time
Poland is on Central European Time; one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.


Prices and trip details
The Wanderer Agency reserves the right to change the prices. The final price depends on the  number of participants, currency fluctuations, current services costs and selected elements included in the entire itinerary. Transfers and activities times, given in the programs, are estimated and depend on the weather and the conditions on routes and trails. Routes and accommodation places are subject to change and are dependent on availability.  Full trip details and the final price can be found in the individual and final trip dossier.

Financial protection
According to Polish Law and the Travel Services Act, the Wanderer company is fully covered by insurance. This guarantees that your holiday would be financially protected in the event of company failure.

Insurance warranty: M208169

ul. Św. Antoniego 11
50-073 Wrocław Poland
Tel.: +48 71 347 27 50
Fax.: +48 71 347 27 51
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Liability of the Wanderer Agency
The liability for the execution of an obligation resulting from the contract and conditions of participation (see section: Terms and Conditions of Participation and Booking) begins at the time and place of the beginning of the event, and ends at the time and place of the end of the event. Times and places are defined in the final and individual trip dossiers that are delivered to the client before the event. Details of the responsibilities and duties of the Wanderer Agency  are defined in section: Terms and  Conditions of Participation and Booking, and in the individual contract between the Wanderer Agency and the client.

Terms and Conditions of Participation and Booking

Terms and Conditions of Participation and Booking in a package tour organised by WANDERER Agency

1.General conditions
1.Terms and conditions of the contract are regulated by the Act on Tourism Services of 29 August 1997 (consolidated text: Journal of Laws of 2004 no. 233 item 2268 as amended).
2.To all matters not settled herein provisions of the Civil Code shall apply.
3.The Parties will settle possible disagreement out of court or, if an agreement cannot be reached, before the court of common pleas.

2.Concluding the contract
1.The contract with WANDERER Agency  (hereinafter referred to as the ORGANIZER) is concluded when the CLIENT or his/her proxy and the ORGANIZER both sign the contract. An authorized person is required to sign the contract on behalf of an adolescent.
2.While the contract is being concluded, the ORGANIZER  determines the documents required for the participation in the package tour as well as the date when the documents have to be presented or delivered to the ORGANIZER. Failure to present such documents or to present them in due time shall result in the CLIENT waiving the contract.
3.The CLIENT is obliged to immediately inform the ORGANIZER about any changes in the data included in the agreement. The ORGANIZER accepts no responsibility whatsoever for not being able to conduct the contract due to changes in the CLIENT’S data of which the ORGANIZER was not informed.

3.Payment/ price change
1.The CLIENT is obliged to make appropriate payments by the due dates. Should the required payment not be made by the due date, the ORGANIZER will treat it as the CLIENT waiving the contract on terms and conditions included in the contract.
2.The price included in the agreement should not be subject to change. However, the ORGANIZER reserves the right to change the price if any of the following circumstances occur:
a)the increase of the cost of transport,
b)the rise of administration fees, taxes as well as fees for airport, loading and transhipment services in the airports and ports,
c)currency fluctuations
3.The ORGANIZER is obliged to present evidence of the influence of circumstances mentioned in point 2. 2 . on the increase of the price.
4.The CLIENT who pays for one person only has to be prepared to share a room with other clients or to surcharge on a single room. If the ORGANIZER is not able to accommodate the CLIENT with other people, lack of an appropriate surcharge on the CLIENT’S part may be treated as the CLIENT waiving the contract.

4.Change of terms and conditions/cancellation of  the event
1.The ORGANIZER reserves the right to change terms and conditions of the contract for the reasons beyond the ORGANIZER’S control, excluding terms included in point 2.2. The ORGANIZER will immediately inform the CLIENT by e-mail, post or over the phone about any changes in terms and conditions (inter alia. date, location, accommodation, food and transport).
2.The CLIENT should inform the ORGANIZER within three days whether he/she:
-accepts the proposed changes
-waives the contract.
3.If the CLIENT
a)does not submit a resignation within three days from being informed about the changes, it will be understood as accepting the new terms and conditions.
b)Submits his/her resignation within three days- he or she receives a full refund without having to pay penalty fixed in the contract.
4.In the case of the CLIENT’S resignation, he or she might agree to participate in another tour with a similar programme and with a lower or higher price where the CLIENT will receive an appropriate refund or will have to pay a surcharge, respectively.
5.The ORGANIZER reserves the right to cancel the tour for the reasons beyond the ORGANIZER’s control such as decisions of authorities or forces majeure. If such circumstances occur, the CLIENT shall receive a full refund. The CLIENT shall be notified of the possible cancellation immediately.
6.It the ORGANIZER cancels the tour for the reasons beyond the CLIENT’S control, the CLIENT has the right to:
-take part in a substitute tour with the same or higher standard,
-receive a full refund immediately.
7.The CLIENT cannot receive compensation if the cancellation of the tour happens due to forces majeure or if the number of participants does not reach the number specified by the ORGANIZER in the contract and if the ORGANIZER notifies the CLIENT of such circumstances in writing within the time agreed.

5.Cancellation of participation in the tour
1.The CLIENT is advised by the ORGANIZER  to get insurance against cancellation of participation in the tour.
2.If the CLIENT cancels participation in the tour due to reasons other than listed in point 4.2,  he/she will be charged for the visa as well as he/she will have to pay penalty depending on the time of cancellation as fixed in point 4.4.
The possible reasons for cancellation:
a)If the CLIENT has been denied a passport or a visa or lacks documentation enabling one to cross the border (a passport, a visa or the certificate of vaccination),
b)If the CLIENT neglects to pay for the event on time or does not submit required documents,
c)If the CLIENT does not arrive at a meeting point (where transport is provided by the ORGANIZER)
d)If a tour guide, resident or other representative of the ORGANIZER stated in the programme/voucher does not show up at the location
e)Illness or other force majeure
f)If the CLIENT is denied entry to a foreign country by immigration officers.
3.If the CLIENT cancels for valid reasons such as force majeure, e.g. illness, death of a close family member, natural disaster or loss of property, he or she will receive reimbursement reduced by the costs incurred by the ORGANIZER,
4.In cases different than described in point 3.4, the ORGANIZER will reduce the CLIENT’S refund by:
a)Handling charges of 50 zł if the cancellation is submitted more than 35 days before the beginning of the event,
b)30% of the price if cancellation is submitted 35-22 days before the event
c)50% of the price if cancellation is submitted 21-7 days before the event
d)80% of the price if cancellation is submitted later than 7 days before the event.
5.The ORGANIZER reserves the right to reduce the refund in the way mentioned above regardless of the date of signing the contract
6.Every cancellation of participation in the tour must be submitted in writing. The cancellation is valid from the day the ORGANIZER receives an appropriate notification.

6.Transfer of booking
1.The CLIENT can transfer booking to another person (who meets all the requirements listed in the contract) without the ORGANIZER‘S consent. The new participant has to accept all the obligations included in the contract.
2.Transfer of booking is valid if the CLIENT  notifies the ORGANIZER more than seven days before the beginning of the tour.
3.Both the CLIENT as well as the new participant are obliged to pay the remaining cost of the tour as well as the cost of the transfer of booking.

7.Using all the services
1.The CLIENT will not receive a refund for not using all of the services available during the tour, nor will it be grounds for complaint.
2.If the CLIENT resigns from participation in any of the services listed in the programme, the ORGANIZER will try to reimburse the CLIENT for such services.
3.If any of the services included in the programme do not take place, the ORGANIZER will offer alternative services without charging the CLIENT .
4.The ORGANIZER reserves the right to change the order of services during the tour.

8.The parties liability
1.The ORGANIZER is responsible for not conducting the tour or conducting it in an inappropriate way, unless it is the sole result of:
a)the CLIENT actions or negligence,
b)other people actions or negligence if those people are not involved in the preparation of the tour and their actions could not be predicted,
c)force majeure.
2.The ORGANIZER  does not accept liability for the CLIENT’S losses resulting from the prolonged journey to and from the destination if the delay happens for reasons that cannot be expected or avoided (e.g. delays at the border, severe weather conditions, unexpected breakdowns etc.).
3.The ORGANIZER does not accept liability for flaws in the services if the CLIENT had known about them while concluding the contract.
4.The CLIENT is obliged to obey the Polish law as well as the law of the countries where the tour takes place. The ORGANIZER does not accept liability for the consequences of breaking the law by the CLIENT.

1.The CLIENT has the right to complain if the ORGANIZER does not conduct the contract or neglects to do it in an appropriate way.
2.Possible complaints should be submitted in writing to the tour guide or other service provider indicated in the voucher immediately during the event. A letter of complaint should be filed within 30 days from the end of the tour.
3.The ORGANIZER is obliged to examine/respond to the complaint within 30 days from receiving it.

Private group enquiry

If you like to travel with your friends or family. Or if you are member of a cycling or walking club, who would like to organize a group trip. Or perhaps if your school, company or other institution plans to organize unique tour for group of a minimum of 6 people. We can help and create a offer which will be personalized and tailored to your wishes and requirements.

Please complete the form below and we’ll get back to you with a individual offer.
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Trip Info
Activity level
Accommodation standard

In case of the "point-to-point" trip, standard of accommodation is dependent on the route and time and may be different every day. Hotels of category 4* are available only in specific destinations.

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