Jelenia Gora Valley - the palace in almost every village

Did you know that in every village situated at the foot of the Sudetes and in Jelenia Góra Valley there is at least one palace or castle? Each village has its own longer or shorter story. For hundreds of years as a result of wars, conflicts and politics, villages were located either in Poland or Germany or Czech Republic. Each village was also owned by a local ruler or belonged to the prince's property, and therefore it had to be a suitable residence. Most of them are restored and operates today as luxury hotels. However, there are those that are consumed for decades and now are totally devastated.

An excellent example is the village Wojanów, situated in the Rudawski Landscape Park (range of the Sudetenland). There are two beautifully restored palace complexes, which today operate as hotels. Great architecture, beautiful parks, gardens, horse riding and equestrian trails. And less than 2 km away is the palace, which unfortunately had no luck and it looks like a horror movie scenery. One village, three palaces, three different stories and amazing contrast. Check it out how it looks in the photos.

Rudawski Scenic Park and mentioned palaces can you admire and visit during our trips.