Discover three countries during one holiday !

Choose the way you want to spend your next vacations. Do you prefer walking and trekking holidays in Poland? Are you a fan of trying out local cuisine of the places you visit? Or are you just the kind of person who wants to simply have a good time, preferably in a lovely scenery?

The Sudetes have a bit of everything and you can pick these attractions, which you like the best. Lying on the border of Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic, the mountain range is a true hidden gem of breathtaking views throughout the year. During just one stay you can enjoy different walking tours and trekking in Poland or Czech Republic, stay in the most comfortable conditions while enjoying delicious cuisine you won’t find anywhere else in the world. At the same time you get to know the Lower Silesia with all of its treasures and history, in which traditions, styles and stories of three countries are intermixed.

If you are the one for walking and trekking holidays, we will find for you the best trails and the best places to rest at the foot of the Sudetes, where you can both relax and admire the beauty of the mountains. Your stay might also focus on relaxation and peace of mind, as the area’s tranquility calms you down and allows you to restore your energy for the whole year. So make the choice you feel comfortable with and Wanderer’s team will make all the necessary preparations, so that you can relax and enjoy your holiday tours in the Sudetes to the fullest.