outumn in the mountains lomniczka cirque

This was our last trip in this season. We walked from mountain town Karpacz through Lomniczka Cirque onto Snieżka – the highest peak in Sudetes (1602 m ).

The weather was beautiful: a light refreshing breeze, blue sky and sun - but only up to a height of about 1200m. Above this heights were clouds and strong wind, but it is an added even more charm to our journey. During this kind of weather you can feel the nature of the mountains, and it is wonderful.

This is one of our favorite trails - varied and very picturesque, full of beautiful views. Especially in autumn shows the beauty and color of the places through which it leads.

Usually we start from the level of approx. 850 m. Then we continue for approx. 1.5 hours on a forest path already in the national park. This is a very gentle approach to the height of approx. 1000m. We stop at old-school shelter for a short rest and further walk on a narrow, stone-lined road, reaching valley of the river ŁomiczkaThe forest is getting lower, the trail begins to climb more steeply, and between trees appears cirque walls and the southern slope of the Sniezka mountain . Later the landscape changes when we reach the bridge over stream (not a river yet) – Łomniczka. In front of us a beautiful view of the entire valley and the huge lump of Sniezka. The trail is here already very steep, and we climb the wall of the cirque.On the way we pass a symbolic cemetery of people who were connected with the mountains and they died in the mountains.After about an hour of climbing we reach the top ridge of the cirque Równia pod Śnieżką and get some rest (there is a very decent shelter house).The last section is climb to the summit (1602 m) and enjoy the stunning views of the entire Sudetenland and Jelenia Góra Valley - if we will lucky and the weather will good J. You should know that Sniezka is hidden in the clouds almost 300 days a year. However often the peak of the mountain is above the clouds, and then the experience and the views are amazing.

Below the gallery with photo report from hiking. This trail is included in our trip: Daily treks in Sudetes Mountains