outumn in the mountains lomniczka cirque

This was our last trip in this season. We walked from mountain town Karpacz through Lomniczka Cirque onto Snieżka – the highest peak in Sudetes (1602 m ).

The weather was beautiful: a light refreshing breeze, blue sky and sun - but only up to a height of about 1200m. Above this heights were clouds and strong wind, but it is an added even more charm to our journey. During this kind of weather you can feel the nature of the mountains, and it is wonderful.

 Jelenia Gora Valley - the palace in almost every village

Did you know that in every village situated at the foot of the Sudetes and in Jelenia Góra Valley there is at least one palace or castle? Each village has its own longer or shorter story. For hundreds of years as a result of wars, conflicts and politics, villages were located either in Poland or Germany or Czech Republic. Each village was also owned by a local ruler or belonged to the prince's property, and therefore it had to be a suitable residence. Most of them are restored and operates today as luxury hotels. However, there are those that are consumed for decades and now are totally devastated.

Our favourite trekking trails Spindlerovy Mlyn Pec Karpacz

Our mountains are a great place for trekking and hiking. Network of trails covers Polish and the Czech side of the mountains. In our blog we would like to present in our opinion the most interesting routes that are included in our tours. At the beginning description of the route from the Czech town Spindlerovy Mlyn, trough Pec to the mountain resort Karpacz, located on the Polish side of the mountains. This route is extremely varied and shows the diversity of Sudetes. Trail leads through the valleys, peaks, plateaus, dense mountain forest and above mountain lakes.

grabowiec hill and st annas chapel charming place and legends

There is a place in which we organize trekking expeditions endings, and also is the destination of easy and pleasant walks at the end of the tour. It is also a great place for rest, lunch and got beautiful viewpoint for the Jeleniogórska Valley. The place calls St. Anna’s Chapel and is located on the slope of Grabowiec Hill. The first wooden chapel was erected in this place at the beginning of the thirteenth century at the spring beside the road leading from the Pagan Valley to the Good sources called Babia Path or the Path of Witches on the site of ancient Slavic pagan worship center, dating back to Neolithic times. The first mention of a chapel on Grabowiec Hill was recorded in 1212 in the parish chronicle of Sobieszów village. Chapel initially looked after the Hospitallers, Knights nun. The chapel was maintained with funds from the Swidnicko –Jaworski Duke Bolek II.